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Carbognin – Who we are

We manufacture special electric transformers, auto-transformers and single-phase, three-phase and poly-phase, low-voltage, power and non-power type inductors and reactors.

Our lines of production include transformers, auto-transformers and special reactance coils and also transformers with safety voltages for the heating of resistances in ovens and similar equipment; transformers, auto-transformers and standardized inductive reactors, electro-medical transformers for hospitals; auto-transformers and transformers with or without protective housing for building sites and manufacturing plants and isolation transformers for photovoltaic systems.

We supply our products for all types of industrial plants and for any activity in which electric and electronic equipment may be required.
We design and construct special dry transformers, auto-transformers, and inductive reactors also in small quantities according to the user’s needs.

The following list indicates a few of the industrial sectors for which we produce transformers, auto-transformers and inductive reactance systems.


elettronica industriale


energie alternative


costruzioni navali


trasporto ferroviari